Q: Why consider pre-planning your or a loved ones funeral?

1)        So others know what you or your loved one wants.

2)        To take the emotional burden off of loved ones or yourself.

Pre-planning and Pre-funding do not go hand in hand.  A person may only wish for their plans to be know by a funeral director.  A funeral director can also help guide you in the many options that funeral service now offers.  At Thomas Funeral Chapels we would be happy to sit down with you and at absolutely no charge discuss your plans, thoughts, and the many options you have.

We have a large selection of caskets, vaults, and urns that you can select from and get an idea of the costs involved.  We also have many, many book and pictures if  you do not see something you would want or if you feel more comfortable selecting from pictures.

If desired we could go over every possible cost involved.  We will put the costs in writing and you can take the papers home to review or put away.  Also if you desire to pre-fund your funeral we can make an appointment with you to establish an account through us.

Q: Why pre-fund a funeral?

1)        To take the financial burden off of the family.

2)        In Medicaid cases, to protect the money for funeral expenses.

Burial Trust Accounts

We do extensive work in this area.  Those applying for Medicaid are required to spin down assets before they receive Medicaid.  Before the assets are completely spun down, you may want to pre-plan a funeral and setup an irrevocable burial trust account in the name and social security number of the Medicaid applicant.

We handle Revocable and Irrevocable Burial Trust Accounts

We use the Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc. for all of our new Trust Accounts, CFF manages the trust account and Citigroup Financial holds all the funds in FDIC insured financial instruments.

We are now able to offer financing for everything from direct cremation through full traditional burials. This third party loan provider offers quick approvals and 6 months no interest. Fill out an application, it is only a soft pull (no harm) on your credit.